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So well, after messing around with the template, it's time to get this shit started. It doesn't look any nice and all, but hey, I'll try to learn as I go.

Well, I read a lot of blogs everyday as you can see on the right. I'm a kaypoh haha. Anyway this ain't my first blog. In fact, I had one after I had loads of time after redoing my Os. But I did not do much with it. This time, it would be much different as there are better technologies, more life experiences and stories to tell, and a much wiser older me.

Why blog? Not for fame or attention but...

- I love to write though my English might not be Queen's standard nor do I use a lot of bombastic words.

- Perhaps this would serve as an outlet for someone who keeps a lot of things inside to let it all(Err...I mean some) out.

- One day when I grow old, I'll look back and see how I was back then.

- To inform my friends and whoever cares about me about what's going on in my life.

I hope you enjoy my musings. Link me if ya find me interesting :)

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You can call me Jul

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Full Time Underpaid and Reluctant NSF/Part Time Weekend Footballer

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I don't know what to write here honestly. Kinda weird to describe myself. I don't want to sound full of myself or put myself down too much like I usually do...so hey, if you think I am what you think I am, then I am really what you think I am then...I'm fine either way...

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