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If I were to invest in stocks...

....I would dabble in Apple surely.

The new iPod Nano has finally been launched yesterday after mo
nths of rumours. Looking at the pictures and reading the reviews, it sounds like yet another masterstroke from Steve Jobs and co. I can already forsee the cash registers ringing and shortages around the world soon. I mean just look at how small it is compared to the already petite Mini!

Bloody hell, how thin can it get?
It comes in only two colors though, black and white. With space of 2GB or 4GB with color screen. It has been rumoured that it would replace the Mini eventually. But it is more expensive than the Mini. 4Gb at a retail price of $438? That ain't worth it despite it looking so sinfully slick. I will still patiently wait for the 5th generation one to be released as by the time it would be out(rumoured to be in Feb) , my 20GB's battery lifespan would had already been flat. Purrrrfect timing... :)

Meanwhile...on the mobile side....

Apple has teamed up with Motorola to release an iTunes phone called the Motorola ROKR. Containing a capacity of 100 songs where you can get from your MAC or PC , it is only available in the States now though.

Personally having using iTunes for a while now, I find it ok but sometimes, it's a really frustrating experience. A phone for me only needs to be able to make calls and SMS. All those other features like GPS, WAP, radio or whatever are just there to push the price of the phone up. It is just an evil ploy by the phone makers to earn more.

If I were to buy a smiliar phone like this, I would rather go for the Sony Ericsson's w800i instead. It looks much better and comes with more capacity.

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