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I can watch R(A) liao...

Two days late. Actually I wanted to start my bloggy on my birthday. But I was too tired and furthermore, I forgotten my Blogger password. ¬_¬

Few weeks ago after lessons had ended and walking to the bus stop...

"Aye, when's your birthday? coming soon? "

Well, I haven't celebrated mine since I hit 18, my family doesn't do it for me and I dun care
anyway. It's just another day for me. Just that I have to add one to my age again. The other guys in the class did celebrate it for me last year. We went out to eat. That's all lor. Nothing fancy.

"Ohhh...that how are you going to celebrate this year?" Not really celebrate like a party. Hmmm...I had already thought about asking you guys out and go play board games at Settlers lor. The one which some of you laughed and said I must be bo liao and childish to go waste $ like this. After that, probably dinner and movies.

"That one that that TV recommended is it? Yeah, I sure want to go!"

So fast forward now I am sitting opposite the excited one who I had this conversation with on the table while the others looked immersed with the game, I was just kinda lost as I joined them midway while at the other table, my friends were quietly hoping that someone would make the Jenga structure drop.

I guess everyone of them enjoyed themselves but I really did not want to play familiar games like Scrabble, Game of Life etc etc on my next visit with them though. I mean what the bloody
hell? Came all the way here to play games that I had already played at home many times before already?

7+ ~ A hawker centre in Holland V

The others are tucking in whereas I am staring at my friend devouring the chicken wing as if he was a dog. Oh wait, he is one after all! :)

"Aiyah, don't see liao, eat lah! It's your birthday after all!"

Dun have appetite leh! You guys eat lor

"Try to eat a little lah.
You so thin liao. Anyway, got extra bowl of rice right in front of you mah. "

The way I see you eat I no mood liao. Aiyah u all just eat, I pay a little if you guys don't have enough.

So for 1/2 hour I sat there and watched the hungry ghosts finished up their dinner.

8+ ~ Arcade, Plaza Sing...

Was watching my friend stacking up the combo hits when I was interrupted by a tap on my shoulder

"Eh, take this ok? We bought one."

What is this?

"Cake lor!" From us to you lah!"

Didn't I told you all in my SMS that I dun want any presents or cake meh? Wah piang, waste $ on me for what?

"Aiyah never mind. just two small pieces only. If you dun like it, dun throw it away lah."

Then I take it go feed my pet at home can or not? No lah! Just kidding. I give my sis then. I hate eating cakes.

"Ok lah. Anything. Happy Birthday to you."

I thanked them as the two of them went outside to escape from the ear-bursting noises while I carried on watching.

The movie was alright. I would rate it 3/5. But most of them were swearing and cursing as they thought that we would been better off watching a silly talking car or an American football match played in prison. I don't agree with them.

10+ ~ Still in Orchard...

Most of them took the train home while I was accompanied by one of my better friend in class to the bus stop.

"You really siao one is it? Cross the road like that. Want to die ah?"

Like that tomorrow we play badminton then fair what! Two half handicapped persons mah! Not like last time. only me limping around and still I managed to whoop you. You damn xiasuey lah!

"This time different liao. Last time you played me I was tired."

Excuses lah. Just admit defeat lor! With my fans supporting me again, this time it would be a piece of cake. Just like THIS! *Points to my bag*

I opened up the Breadtalk packaging and saw two small slices of fruit cake.

"Who buy for you one? Wah piang why one got love shape? haha"

Damn it I knew it all along. XF admired me for long time liao. Took the chance now and declared her love for me. Sneaky bastard!

Both of us laughed and minutes later, I was still staring at the cake. ALONE.

I got up the bus and thought about a lot of things. My future, family and a lot of other stuffs. I realized that my life have been one sad mediocre bullshit. I mean well, I spent way too much time in secondary school, never was brilliant in one thing (maybe except History), just alright in everything, couldn't get a bloody Class 3 license, single all my life and now stuck in something which I have not an ounce of interest in. Good god, I really need to get out of this "Average Joe" cycle soon.

When you grow older, you really tend to get a little serious and think a lot about how life would be years down the road. For someone with an age like me, I should had finished my damn conscription and perhaps continue to study or work. But no, it's still only final year for me. I only have myself to blame for this plight.

Sometimes I really do feel ashamed but when I look at the over-age friend of mine in class, I realized that things ain't THAT bad after all. I normally do not bitch about things but all these have been bothering me a lot and I needed to let it out before I go bonkers. But really, given a chance, I wish I was 16 again. Ignorant, innocent and not a care in the world.

Nearly Midnight ~ Home...

Mum informed me that my sis also got me a cake. Arrgh, not another one? When I opened the fridge to put the other one in, I saw a big slice of this...

Banana + Chocolate? Boy, that's a weird combination.

I messaged my sis and thanked her. She told me that it was a best seller from Secret Recipe and what I finished in a few bites costed $5+. That is bloody expensive but it was delicious alright.

As for the other one, it's still lying in my fridge untouched as when I offered if to my sisters yesterday, they giggled and did not want it as they thought it was from my gf. ¬_¬ Well, maybe they would be right if I had the balls to be more passive. It's not that I did not try but whenever there's a chance, something/someone is there to hinder me. Oh well, that's a story for another day.

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