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First day at work

'Great' start indeed

After a so called one week 'holiday', it's time to start the
last semester. Couldn't slept well the night before, I went to bed at midnight expecting to wake up at 7 the next morning but I felt real nervous and excited about work and in the end only managed to turn in at 3+. Sheesh.

I did woke up on time(What a miracle huh?) and then decided to take a taxi instead as I did not want to leave a bad first impression on my employers if I somehow was late. Even though it was scheduled at 8.30. Got down to the HQ at Science Park for a short admin briefing and I was 15 mins early but 10 bucks poorer.

After that we took a bus to have breakfast. It was then I realized my bag was soaking wet. The culript was the water bottle which somehow had a tiny hole at the bottom and worst, my phone was in there and though I wipe it dried and used a hair-dryer, it did not respond at all. It was died, spoilt and useless. The worst part of it was I LOST ALL of my friends' phone numbers. Damn. :( Why can't it wait a month until my payday when I can finally get a new one? Arrgh, what a start to my intern life.

That's not all, I left behind the important briefing documents the admin officer gave me on the taxi. I could not believe my luck. Even before I even reached my company, I already had two unfortunate events. What ever next? I wondered.

Stepping into The Office

A guy came out to greet us and welcomed us in. I thought he was our supervisor but he told us my real supervisor wasn't around. We were introduced to everyone who was in there. There were two departments and it seemed only one department was working today. But already, we spend quite a while walking around and introduced ourselves to the others.

It was then I realized my company had a whole floor to themselves.
Apparently, we might not be doing the project we thought we might be doing. There were three ladies who might want us to help out in their project too as they were shorthanded.The coolest thing I liked about the office was there's a recreation room and a mini mama shop where snacks could be bought.

We were then lead to our working quarters and there were two ladies and a guy there. The ladies(mid 20s I guess) were permenant staff, software engineers if I wasn't wrong, and that guy who is on attachment is leaving next week. One of the jie jie then show us all the features of the system(for the Police Force) we might be working on.

It was kinda scary and boring. Scary because there were so many unfamiliar terms. Boring because she kept going on and on and on. Thankfully, we were saved by the lunchtime break. We were told by the guy that every Friday would be a Sports acitivity Day where we would get off from work early and exercise. I am amused by their tradition but it sounds fun.

After that, the whole day I did nothing but to explore that system and to surf the net. It was because that guy had to wait for my supervisor to decide which project we were going to be assigned to. But I guess he would be my supervisor after all as other one of the jie jie told us that her boss(my real supervisor) would be leaving on October and that guy would be taking over his place.

I only had two complaints. The non existant air con in our room and the working hours. But I guess you can't have it perfect. So far so good, it was not as bad as as I thought to be. It is a government linked company after all. The environment is great with a bunch of friendly staff/colleagues. Guess I am considered lucky as some of my friends had horrible intern experiences the previous semester.

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