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I was hard at work and listening to streaming radio on my lappy when I heard a Big "BANG". Unfazed by it, I continued with my mugging. Until my mum came in to my room and told me.

"Aye, you heard that or not? "

Heard what? the prices of vegetables rise again is it?

"No lah! Got accident below our block lah! A car bang a bike lor! I saw it when I was taking the clothes out"

Steady! I thought the BANG I heard just now was the neighbour quarreling as usual. Got anyone died or not?

"Choy, you damn bad lah. Aiyah, you go down see lor. I need to continue to chop the veggies"

After hours of mindless brain draining notes scribbling, I arrived at the scene of the accident to be a kaypoh.

I sat there and roughly made out from the heated argument that the female driver was turning in from the side lane and the male motorist was heading straight and did not look properly and it hit the car.It drew a big crowd of uncle and aunties as they continued to accuse each other that it was the other party's fault for 10 minutes until it built up a mini jam and a festive carnival atmosphere of honks and other cursing drivers who demanded that the car be moved elsewhere as it was blocking their way.

The damage was just some slight dents on the doors as you can see but thankfully, no one was hurt as I noticed the passengers, an elderly and a kid standing on the sidewalk looking fine but frightened.

It was just boring hearing them go on and on about whose fault it was and so I went back up. Minutes later, the men in blue finally arrived and shortly after, both vehicles drove away.

I asked my mum if she wanted to punt on the number for the weekend of not. She said she's not that bo liao to waste money on it. What? No kidding? A 4D siao like her can pass up such a chance? I am tempted to throw a dollar or two in though.
*Sigh* Back to the boring books.

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