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Audio Therapy of The Week #3

Arguably Taiwan's and Chinese music's top rock band, Mayday(五月天) is one of my favourite groups. I had noticed them from the start actually, years ago when they first came out. They were still schooling I think.

First impression was:

"Wah piang how can a group led by an Ah Beng looking guy (阿信) be popular or succeed?"

Guess I was proven wrong.

They are unlike the numerous pretty faces boybands out there now. They write and compose their own songs actually. Furthermore, they could sing Taiwanese(台語) also, which is good for someone like me who grew up in an environment where my parents and grandmother talk to me in a somewhat similiar Hokkien dialect.

This song,(
志明) was what made them famous.


Whereas this one, (垃圾车) from their previous album ain't half bad either.


hahahah didnt know u got a blog jul... and now i know. i link u up. =)

Sureeeeeee...if ya want to...

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