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Audio Therapy of the Week #2

Whenver I feel a little sleepy on the way to school, my weapon of choice to wake me up would be upbeat, groovy and funkish songs which sometimes makes you want to dance and also makes me start off the day not feeling so damn grumpy.

But I don't mean bollocks like techno, trance or whatever though. I could never understood the fascination over them. Though my sis and a few of my Ah Beng friends would beg to differ.

Jamiroquai(Jam-ear-oh-kwai) is one of my favourite groups for this sort of stuffs. They are a British band led by Jay Kay. Actually he's the soul of the group as he composes and sings. In most of the videos, he has this playboy image, wearing a hat and seen driving expensive vintage/sports cars.

They hit the big time in 96 with "Virtual Insanity". Great and unique video too I might add.

After a hiatus of 4 years from their previous album, they are back with a new album, Dynamite(click to d/l). They actually sound more deversified now. Feels Like It Should, Seven Days in June and Give Hate a Chance are the tracks I'd recommend a spin.

Virtual Insanity


Love Foolosophy


Feels So Good


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