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Audio Therapy of the Week #1

I rarely listen to local English radio just because I can't stand them. I would only listen to Gold90FM or Power98. Perfect 10 is still bollocks. They have a lot of rap crap and hip hop rubbish which I loathe. The way to go is online streaming radio, no commercials and annoying DJs talking nonsense and you can find a specialized one which plays only the genre you like.

Few months ago, I overheard a song which was funky, quirky and with sort of funn
y lyrics. I did not knew the title except that there was a part in the song where they kept repeating "Take your mama out". There was a slight "Bee Gees" flavour behind the song. I asked my friends but they had no idea too.

It was only few months later when I watched Live8 on the telly that I finally heard the song and the ones behind it finally.

They are called Scissor Sisters and they were brilliant live. But something was just not right when I watched them perform. I noticed their front man and one of their guitarist's actions were just WEIRD. They were like you know, queer.

After snooping around on Google, I accidentally realized the meaning behind their band name.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Tribadism-2.jpg (NSFW)

3 of their members ain't straight . Only the female and the drummer are the exceptions. It was when I sat down and listened carefully and followed the lyrics then I realized that most of their songs contained gay themes. But I love them nontheless. They are still regularly on rotation on my Poddy. I don't get sick listening to them.

Take Your Mama



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