Thursday, September 29, 2005

I am a wimp

There I said it. You can call me that too and I would not be angry with you one bit but nod along instead. All along, I am a disappointment and today further proves my point.

I arranged to meet up with my friend after work to get the reference material I needed. When I greeted her, she sounded excited. Shit, was there a spinach stuck between my teeth or did I forgot to zip up? Nah, she told me she saw that someone along with her good gal pal around the area.

She urged me to seize the unplanned
opportunity knocking on my door and finally do something that I had wanted to do for a long while. She said I should take action when she waits for the bus alone. That sounds good on theory to me.

Actually before this, I had indirectly tried to find out if there was a chance I could somehow meet up with that someone and finally pop the question. I thought it was a good plan but a negative reply from her spoilt what I had in mind. I felt a little helpless as the deadline was looming. If all else fails, I guess the last rabbit from the hat would be to go down to her place and speak my mind. That was what I thought I would do. But in the end, I guess it's yet another one of my NATO (No Action Think Only) plans.

I sat down there and thought of what to say later while they were either eating or talking. There was a sense of anixety and eagerness inside me. I could finally remove that doubt hanging in my mind for all this while. But from what I picked up from their conversation when she said she might be working on the weekends, I felt demoralised.

The clearest sign that fate was playing games with me was when they decided on the mode of transport. I felt dazed when riding up the elevator. I think I must had
looked like an idiot to them. In my mind, I thought that I should be better off at home lying on the bed now instead of being there.

I think I was still in confused mode when walking to the s
tation. She stood there and looked at me with a surprised look and a "WTF is happening" smile. I did not say anything and waved a weak goodbye to her. Wow, what a surprise. I chickened out again.

The longest bus ride home

"Why did not you ask her there? The two of us already created chance for you"

Errr..but she wasn't really alone. I dun dare to ask in front of others.

"Anyway the two of us know what, scared what?"

I would feel more nervous mah. No way,man.
These two free tickets for you. No use to me now.

"Ohhh, now I get it. This is your chosen place to bring her to? That is a bad choice"

But I think it is a good place to have fun what.

"She went there with cheerleader for their first date lah. Not good to remind her of the sad past."

How do I know? You should had told me earlier. But anyway, thanks for telling me, I felt better now that I didn't ask.

"Then what about now you go back and ask her? I think they haven't board the train"

Don't be stupid lah. Never mind liao. Forget it then.

She told me to cheer up and not feel sad. I would had been lying if I said I wasn't pissed with myself. I felt a wave of regret inside me also. I mean, I got so many weeks and a few chances to ask but the whole time, I was a sissy and did not dare to open my mouth. I only left it till the last minute to do it. But now it seems like I was too slow and unlucky.

I felt miserable and stared out the window the whole journey. Loud angry songs were what I heard from my Pod while I thought of all the things that had happened if I had more guts. I let myself down again. It was all my fault. No one else. When I got home, I went for a shower and then sat on the cold floor and pondered it over again. The more I thought of it, the more I hated myself for lacking self confidence.

So it's yet another lonely Saturday at home. as usual. I dread it but I have no one to blame but myself. Sigh. I just wish I had some sleeping pills so that I would fall into a deep sleep now. At least it wouldn't hurt as much. Not as much as staring at the tickets
on the table being probably wasted and not used.

UPDATE: I did went out today and used up the tickets after all. Two big children playing alongside a lot of children on their special day.
But not with that someone. She was busy after all I heard. Enjoyed myself quite a bit even though my companion was screaming everytime and afraid of this and that and almost EVERYTHING there. But gotta thank her for accompanying me, or else I will be darn bored at home. And yes, the legendary laksa is as good as they hyped out to be, unlike say that bloody overrated Lana Chocolate Cake

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Audio Therapy of The Week #3

Arguably Taiwan's and Chinese music's top rock band, Mayday(五月天) is one of my favourite groups. I had noticed them from the start actually, years ago when they first came out. They were still schooling I think.

First impression was:

"Wah piang how can a group led by an Ah Beng looking guy (阿信) be popular or succeed?"

Guess I was proven wrong.

They are unlike the numerous pretty faces boybands out there now. They write and compose their own songs actually. Furthermore, they could sing Taiwanese(台語) also, which is good for someone like me who grew up in an environment where my parents and grandmother talk to me in a somewhat similiar Hokkien dialect.

This song,(
志明) was what made them famous.

Whereas this one, (垃圾车) from their previous album ain't half bad either.

Monday, September 26, 2005

First day at work

'Great' start indeed

After a so called one week 'holiday', it's time to start the
last semester. Couldn't slept well the night before, I went to bed at midnight expecting to wake up at 7 the next morning but I felt real nervous and excited about work and in the end only managed to turn in at 3+. Sheesh.

I did woke up on time(What a miracle huh?) and then decided to take a taxi instead as I did not want to leave a bad first impression on my employers if I somehow was late. Even though it was scheduled at 8.30. Got down to the HQ at Science Park for a short admin briefing and I was 15 mins early but 10 bucks poorer.

After that we took a bus to have breakfast. It was then I realized my bag was soaking wet. The culript was the water bottle which somehow had a tiny hole at the bottom and worst, my phone was in there and though I wipe it dried and used a hair-dryer, it did not respond at all. It was died, spoilt and useless. The worst part of it was I LOST ALL of my friends' phone numbers. Damn. :( Why can't it wait a month until my payday when I can finally get a new one? Arrgh, what a start to my intern life.

That's not all, I left behind the important briefing documents the admin officer gave me on the taxi. I could not believe my luck. Even before I even reached my company, I already had two unfortunate events. What ever next? I wondered.

Stepping into The Office

A guy came out to greet us and welcomed us in. I thought he was our supervisor but he told us my real supervisor wasn't around. We were introduced to everyone who was in there. There were two departments and it seemed only one department was working today. But already, we spend quite a while walking around and introduced ourselves to the others.

It was then I realized my company had a whole floor to themselves.
Apparently, we might not be doing the project we thought we might be doing. There were three ladies who might want us to help out in their project too as they were shorthanded.The coolest thing I liked about the office was there's a recreation room and a mini mama shop where snacks could be bought.

We were then lead to our working quarters and there were two ladies and a guy there. The ladies(mid 20s I guess) were permenant staff, software engineers if I wasn't wrong, and that guy who is on attachment is leaving next week. One of the jie jie then show us all the features of the system(for the Police Force) we might be working on.

It was kinda scary and boring. Scary because there were so many unfamiliar terms. Boring because she kept going on and on and on. Thankfully, we were saved by the lunchtime break. We were told by the guy that every Friday would be a Sports acitivity Day where we would get off from work early and exercise. I am amused by their tradition but it sounds fun.

After that, the whole day I did nothing but to explore that system and to surf the net. It was because that guy had to wait for my supervisor to decide which project we were going to be assigned to. But I guess he would be my supervisor after all as other one of the jie jie told us that her boss(my real supervisor) would be leaving on October and that guy would be taking over his place.

I only had two complaints. The non existant air con in our room and the working hours. But I guess you can't have it perfect. So far so good, it was not as bad as as I thought to be. It is a government linked company after all. The environment is great with a bunch of friendly staff/colleagues. Guess I am considered lucky as some of my friends had horrible intern experiences the previous semester.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Suicidal Thoughts (Part 1)

Since some of you told me I am bo liao and write nonsense, this time there would be a change from the usual happy crappy posts and let me talk about some depressing and serious stuffs instead. Sit down and let me tell you a long story. If you give a shit, that is.

Have you ever had suicidal thoughts before? Well, would you believed if I said I am lucky to be alive still? Would you believed that someone that crappy like me suffered a bout of depression before? Would you had believed I really hated myself a lot before? Well, bet on that. All this did happened to me.


I really detest my life around when I was 17. I was in a crappy school,actually no, that wasn't my school. I never did acknowledged that as my school. When people ask me which secondary school I was from, I would proudly tell them that I was from School A. You see, my school(A) merged with two other schools(B and C) to form a big school, where majority of the students were from School C and we used School B as our campus. The best staff from the three schools were picked. First day there, we were treated like aliens. It was like we were invaders.

As the batch from my school was the smallest among the trio, there was this impression that we are not as good as the those from the other two schools. I could feel this from the teachers not originally from my school. One good example would be for one subject, my class merged with a class from School C and thaught by a teacher from School C also.

I was never that good in that subject. Around C standard. She would always arrow me and scold me as the results I got were unacceptable(though I passed) and told me to drop that subject so that it would not affect the school overall results. Not only me, some of my classmates also. But not those from School C though. She would encourage them to do better, give them extra attention toward the weaker students. Biasness at it's best.

I dreaded waking up and going to school at that period. I vowed to do well for my Os and then prove those teachers that looked down on me wrong. I studied hard for it. In the end, I did got pretty good results for everything. But I flunked my Math and Science. L1R4 21. I was just shellshocked when I got the result slip from my form teacher. It felt like the world collapsed.

Not to sound arrogant or what, I thought of myself as an alright student in a class of lazy arses, blurcocks, Beng wannabes, how the hell did I fucking failed it while a few of the undeserving classmates of mine managed to got to poly? That really made me pissed off and furious. Though some of my friends accepted their fate and went to ITE, I did not as I thought if I went there, it would be as if the teachers succeeded and I was really what they thought
I am. One rubbish student.

I love my honest father.

I did not went home until at night. I locked myself in my room and slee
p. I did not had the guts to told them I failed. Not to my mum when she asked. It was not until my dad unlocked the room and asked me that I come clean. He was of course angry and he scolded me. I will NEVER forget what he said.

"I knew it all along. You were never good nor could you even pass a simple exam. You disappoint me as usual. You are one bloody useless idiot. Even your sister did better than you. Aren't you ashamed? Aiyah don't study liao lah, drop out and go be a sweeper better. Waste my money to support you to study, you lousy and stupid one lah. Don't waste any more time and enlist for army now and then come out work better instead "

What the hell? I mean my sister did not even got BETTER results than me. Just barely scraped through. I could understand his disappointment, but when he labelled me as stupid and useless, I could not take it anymore. I shot back and told him to screw himself. Since then, whenever he got home and saw me, he would repeat the same thing to me.

I really felt irritated and even nearly punched him to shut him up. But I did not, he's my father after all. But then, you would had expect your parents to support you in bad times. Not him, he only rub more salt into my wounds. My mother was more understanding though.

That was one of my lowest point in my life. I just did not eat much nor did anything but sleep the whole time. I didn't even barely spoke much to my family. I just wanted to be alone and drown myself in the sea of depression. I thought that if my own dad thought that I was one disappointing piece of shit, I might as well grant his wish and end it all. I thought of going to the highest level of one nearby HDB block to jump down. I swear this is 100% true.

I sneaked out one night and then went to the block. Took the lift to the 25th floor and got to the staircase and then lifted my leg over the barricade. I looked down. It was windy and I thought wow, what a way to end my miserable life. But then my plan was interrupted when a disabled old man came out to empty the rubbish and shouted at me. I quickly ran down the stairs instead.

I went home and didn't told anyone what happened. I thought that if that man could lived on despite his disabilities, why can't I do it too? That was when I woke up from the nightmare and erase all negative thoughts and told my mum that I was going to retake my Os. I wanted to prove my dad wrong.

I was thinking of dying just because I failed? Looking back now, it was really laughable and stupid. I really had to thank that man. If no one had saw me, I would not be writing this now)


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurray to my new play thing

adopt your own virtual pet!

Go on, make his bark like one mad doggie, make him work for the snacks.

If you're reading this, sorry Jiahao, but I couldn't resist it. ;)

Feed him everytime ya come visit yea? I'll place it on the RIGHT sidebar

Talk Cock box added..

....due to popular request from my legion of fans classmate. Not bloody bad at all, I mean someone actually reads all this rubbish I write on here. I never knew I had reader(s) until he mentioned it over dinner on Monday.

It can be found on the RIGHT side sidebar. I do not expect a lot of readership but hey, I'm grateful if anyone does give a damn about what goes on in my little insignificant life. Thanks "八月 " ;)

Comments and criticisms are welcome. Tell me if you hate the design of the site, if I wrote boring arseshiat or just drop me a hello. Anything is fine except spam. haha.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Audio Therapy of the Week #2

Whenver I feel a little sleepy on the way to school, my weapon of choice to wake me up would be upbeat, groovy and funkish songs which sometimes makes you want to dance and also makes me start off the day not feeling so damn grumpy.

But I don't mean bollocks like techno, trance or whatever though. I could never understood the fascination over them. Though my sis and a few of my Ah Beng friends would beg to differ.

Jamiroquai(Jam-ear-oh-kwai) is one of my favourite groups for this sort of stuffs. They are a British band led by Jay Kay. Actually he's the soul of the group as he composes and sings. In most of the videos, he has this playboy image, wearing a hat and seen driving expensive vintage/sports cars.

They hit the big time in 96 with "Virtual Insanity". Great and unique video too I might add.

After a hiatus of 4 years from their previous album, they are back with a new album, Dynamite(click to d/l). They actually sound more deversified now. Feels Like It Should, Seven Days in June and Give Hate a Chance are the tracks I'd recommend a spin.

Virtual Insanity

Love Foolosophy

Feels So Good

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Me No Play Fire This Year, Me Good Boy...

What does the Mooncake Festival means to me? Nothing much actually. I celebrate it by gobbling down mooncake after mooncake, especially the snowskin ones while sipping some Chinese tea. Mum tells me not to eat too much or my face would be as round as one after that. But honestly it doesn't matter to me as I rarely gain weight and furthermore, it's only an annual affair.

Rather than getting dragged down by my juvenile cousins to go play with fire, sparklers at the playground every other year, I spend the afternoon kicking and chasing the ball with my footie kakis and then rushed down to my classmate's apartment to catch the big match together.

Shouting and cursing at the telly alone was just boring. I prefer some companion and what better way to watch the match with an actual fan of the home side. He treats me like a delivery boy though, asking me to make an errand to
good ol' Mr Sanders for him. Grrrr, he's either one amazingly lazy arse or his place is just so damn ulu. I think it's both. :)

6+ ~ KFC, TPY

The moment I went in, I knew I would be late for kickoff. 3 counters, all with sickeningly long queues. But since someone's stomach depended on me, I just had to bite my lips and be patient. As the queue moved painfully slow to the counter, I was wondering why don't they open up one more register to cope with the weekend crowd?

When I finally reached the counter, it was 15 minutes wasted (So much for "FAST" food huh?). I ordered what he wanted and quickly walked out when I heard the guy calling me back as he did not passed me the drink. He did not even fill the empty cup at all in the first place! Duh. And to think he was the assistant manager somemore. ¬_¬

I was already a little uptight and running late. I thought of taking 240 down but the queue was worst than what I saw at Sanders' Place. Gah. But my mood soothe down a bit when I spotted a beautiful rainbow while waiting for the bus.

Halftime ~ Destination reached

"You're early leh. Got buy my dinner?"

I could had reached more earlier if not for the bus which stopped at almost every stop and for the horrendous long wait at KFC. Late liao. Already halftime!

"Huh? I thought start at 8? Oh shit"

No lah, from 7. Quick go switch on the telly and find out the score!

Thankfully, we did not missed much. It was goal-less at halftime.

Anyway, it stayed the same at full time. Good riddance to a boring match. What was he smoking? Rooney on the left? The most talented English talent on the wing when he should be at better off as a striker or behind the hole?

Like what this womanising idiot did with the national team in that pitiful loss to N. Ireland sometime back? And what was with the hat trick of substitutions made right at the end of the match? That senile fool should had bought them on earlier! Honestly, I do not understand him one bit. Yawn. Yet another early surrender of the title to the Russian communist gang at London.

9+ ~ On the couch

The key turned and in walked a woman two hands full of bags.

"Hi Mum"

Hello auntie.

"Ah, you bring your friend to watch football ah? How come I never seen him before?"

Errr, well you actually did once. I did came here before.

"Yeah. He got come before lah."

"Oh ok. You two try this mooncake from Crystal Jade. I bought a box and also chicken rice for you."

"I eat KFC just now liao. and no need lah, he already got a durian one from home."

"Never mind lah. Eh, how come you so dark huh?"

Oh actually I am mixed blood. My mother is Malay and my father is Chinese! That is why.

"Really ah? Wah."

"No lah, he talk cock one. He play a lot of ball sports lah.

Yeah, hahaha

"I knew he was joking with me one...hahaha. Yeah. come set up for me. I want to watch the VCDs in my room"

So I was alone in the living room and enjoying the durian mooncake while I looked outside from the balcony.

10+ till past midnight ~ STILL on the couch

The matches after the big match were also dull affairs. We just turned over to watch Mr Trump.

It was during this period that I received some weird phone calls from an unfamiliar number. Whoever that was over the phone never did spoke a word despite me being polite and kept asking who or why he/she/it was calling me. The only thing I heard was some weird songs or chanting.

"Aiyah, just call back the number and see how lor"

For what? Dun be stupid lah. Come, you listen to it. See if it would respond to a different voice

"Hello? Hello? Who are you looking for?"

"What the hell? Speak lah. Come on."

Forget it, just hang up. I switch off my phone then.

Bloody hell. He/She/It never gives up. Persistent little bastard. My phone rang 5 or 6 times throughout 1hr before I switched it off. It still continued to call as there were a few more missed calls when I switched it back on sometime later. I guess it must be a secret admirer. I know I'm one hot sexy little beast but just SPEAK, god damn it. It's not that I'm gonna eat you up. Sheesh. ¬_¬

Past Midnight ~ still watching the telly

I finally found someone more disgusting, shameless, idiotic and more of a attention whore than Steven Lim when watching Whose Line Is It Anyway.

While my friend couldn't stop laughing at his over the top antics, I was just wide mouthed and speechless. There are actually people out there who are worst than Steven Lim. Wow. The way he dressed, the way he spoke, his actions. What a bad combination. Though I have to admit he has this thing about bringing the audience to their feet. Apparently he is a famous aerobics instructor in the States.

Horrors of horrors, I actually managed to find the video of it when I was seraching for the wiki of him. Proceed at your own risk.

We switched to watch the Spanish League and what we saw was one of the highlights of my night. Real Madrid getting owned by Espanyol. The goal was a little controversial though. But who cares, I just love to watch Real get embarrassed. The 2nd half was one of the best I had seen from any team in the La Liga this season so
far. They were very good with their counter attacks.

One good reason for that is their playmaker Ivan De La Pena. He was all over the field and ran riot over Madrid's defense. The Galaticos' misery was completed when their two summer signings were given their marching orders. How I laughed at them.

Early Morning ~ Room

We played Winning Eleven 9 for a few hours until we called it a day.

"Can you stop rolling around here and there? Noisy lah. I can't sleep leh!"

But I just can't get to sleep leh. Too early liao. What to do?

"Early? Wah piang. Now already 4+ liao! You siao lah"

I usually sleep at 5-6+am during holidays one. How can sleep early?

"Go down and run a few rounds or do whatever you want. Just don't make noise lah. I very tired and want to Zzzz lah."

Counting sheeps wasn't of any use and neither was not thinking of anything helped either. So I went out to the kitchen to grab a late night snack while I switched on the idiot box.

My night was complete. Barca lost 2-1. The two biggest teams in Spain losing at the same time to supposedly inferior oppositions really made my night. I retired to dreamland happy.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

This is just...insane...

A pretty disastrous last paper which was not what I had expected but thankfully, it's all over. I am relieved and at the same time depressed as we only have one damn week of rest before the sheeps are pushed to the slaughterhouse.

After reading this just now, my first reaction was to glance down. It's still there. Phew, what a relief.

In the Bundesliga, you had to feel sorry for midfielder Chavdar Yankow at the weekend. The Hannover player received an injury that is surely the worst nightmare for the majority of the world's male population.

The horrific incident occurred in the tenth minute of Hannover's game with Frankfurt. Yankow himself explains:

"I ran towards the ball and my opponent, the Frankfurt striker Köhler, kicked his foot into my penis," the player said.

Yankow carried on playing, despite the usually debilitating feeling one has after having taken a blow to the nether regions.

The Bulgarian went on to gain instant hero status with the home crowd when after a few minutes, he noticed that his shorts were full of blood.

"I quickly ran to the side line," he continued. "But I felt no pain."

In the dressing room he realised what had happened. The skin of his penis had been ripped four centimetres. But the midfielder wasn't finished there - he actually came back out to finish playing the first half after having glued (yes, glued!) the wound and put a plaster on it.

At half time, the plaster was changed and he came back out for the second half a new man (but only just, a few centimetres more and it could have been a different story). And just to prove the point, he went on to score the second goal and seal victory for Hannover.

Damn, what glue does he use? That is simply one bloody good adhesive. I mean he still can come back to play and even score a goal. That is just amazing!

Closest contact in the nuts when I had experienced when playing would be to get hit there by the ball, that already hurts a lot and you would really feel like rolling around the ground and taking sometime to recover, but this fella is just WOW.

I gotta be careful tomorrow. Hahaha.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

From the words of The Clash, this would be a crucial decision for me. I had already made up my mind weeks ago. I can finally see the finish line in my hat trick of frustrating and tedious tertiary education. The only hurdle left is the Final Year Project (in house or outside) which would span roughly 5 months.

The system used to be that one would do their FYP along with a few modules in school for one semester while for the next sem, you would go out for attachment in the next. But it was scrapped last year. Thus, we are the first batch of guinea pigs.

After two rounds of rejections for attachment, I was resigned to staying in school. I sort of expected it anyway as they would look at your past results to gauge if you are fit to take the job or not. Knowing me, my C+ overall GPA ain't what you call brilliant but I do not give a shit anyway.
Yes, that is how much I loathe my course. I just want to get this over with and serve the nation unwillingly next.

But I did not want to stay in school for my final semester. I was desperate to go out to the extent of accepting a job which I thought I would struggle badly in. My mentality at that time was "Wah piang, sure die anyway what, but at least I not in school...So ok lah!".
There was an uncertain feeling in the air. It wasn't until my friend who asked if I wanted to tag along for a job which I at least knew and understood better than the first one, that I felt a little better.

Let's weight up the pros and cons, should we?


- $$$$, though seriously we are just underpaid slaves mere interns
- Gain working experience and see how
fucked up it is like
- A change in my daily lunch. Seriously I am sick of eating the food in the campus already
- A change of environment
- Avoid meeting some idiotic arses in school
- At least it isn't purely programming


- 5 days week compared to 2 days week for those in school
- Can't be blatantly late like I always do for lessons now. Have to wake up early. Arrgh.
- Work like a dog and no life.
- Can't watch as much football or relax as much in the coming months :(
- No more chances of having delicious
eye candy chicken rice from Canteen 1. And also Canteen 4 food. Overall, no more cheap food really.
Guess I would miss that someone who is in school

Hey! It's the same then. Neither good nor bad. ;)

Seriously, I hope I won't regret my decision. There is no turning back now.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Audio Therapy of the Week #1

I rarely listen to local English radio just because I can't stand them. I would only listen to Gold90FM or Power98. Perfect 10 is still bollocks. They have a lot of rap crap and hip hop rubbish which I loathe. The way to go is online streaming radio, no commercials and annoying DJs talking nonsense and you can find a specialized one which plays only the genre you like.

Few months ago, I overheard a song which was funky, quirky and with sort of funn
y lyrics. I did not knew the title except that there was a part in the song where they kept repeating "Take your mama out". There was a slight "Bee Gees" flavour behind the song. I asked my friends but they had no idea too.

It was only few months later when I watched Live8 on the telly that I finally heard the song and the ones behind it finally.

They are called Scissor Sisters and they were brilliant live. But something was just not right when I watched them perform. I noticed their front man and one of their guitarist's actions were just WEIRD. They were like you know, queer.

After snooping around on Google, I accidentally realized the meaning behind their band name. (NSFW)

3 of their members ain't straight . Only the female and the drummer are the exceptions. It was when I sat down and listened carefully and followed the lyrics then I realized that most of their songs contained gay themes. But I love them nontheless. They are still regularly on rotation on my Poddy. I don't get sick listening to them.

Take Your Mama



Friday, September 09, 2005


I was hard at work and listening to streaming radio on my lappy when I heard a Big "BANG". Unfazed by it, I continued with my mugging. Until my mum came in to my room and told me.

"Aye, you heard that or not? "

Heard what? the prices of vegetables rise again is it?

"No lah! Got accident below our block lah! A car bang a bike lor! I saw it when I was taking the clothes out"

Steady! I thought the BANG I heard just now was the neighbour quarreling as usual. Got anyone died or not?

"Choy, you damn bad lah. Aiyah, you go down see lor. I need to continue to chop the veggies"

After hours of mindless brain draining notes scribbling, I arrived at the scene of the accident to be a kaypoh.

I sat there and roughly made out from the heated argument that the female driver was turning in from the side lane and the male motorist was heading straight and did not look properly and it hit the car.It drew a big crowd of uncle and aunties as they continued to accuse each other that it was the other party's fault for 10 minutes until it built up a mini jam and a festive carnival atmosphere of honks and other cursing drivers who demanded that the car be moved elsewhere as it was blocking their way.

The damage was just some slight dents on the doors as you can see but thankfully, no one was hurt as I noticed the passengers, an elderly and a kid standing on the sidewalk looking fine but frightened.

It was just boring hearing them go on and on about whose fault it was and so I went back up. Minutes later, the men in blue finally arrived and shortly after, both vehicles drove away.

I asked my mum if she wanted to punt on the number for the weekend of not. She said she's not that bo liao to waste money on it. What? No kidding? A 4D siao like her can pass up such a chance? I am tempted to throw a dollar or two in though.
*Sigh* Back to the boring books.

If I were to invest in stocks...

....I would dabble in Apple surely.

The new iPod Nano has finally been launched yesterday after mo
nths of rumours. Looking at the pictures and reading the reviews, it sounds like yet another masterstroke from Steve Jobs and co. I can already forsee the cash registers ringing and shortages around the world soon. I mean just look at how small it is compared to the already petite Mini!

Bloody hell, how thin can it get?
It comes in only two colors though, black and white. With space of 2GB or 4GB with color screen. It has been rumoured that it would replace the Mini eventually. But it is more expensive than the Mini. 4Gb at a retail price of $438? That ain't worth it despite it looking so sinfully slick. I will still patiently wait for the 5th generation one to be released as by the time it would be out(rumoured to be in Feb) , my 20GB's battery lifespan would had already been flat. Purrrrfect timing... :)

Meanwhile...on the mobile side....

Apple has teamed up with Motorola to release an iTunes phone called the Motorola ROKR. Containing a capacity of 100 songs where you can get from your MAC or PC , it is only available in the States now though.

Personally having using iTunes for a while now, I find it ok but sometimes, it's a really frustrating experience. A phone for me only needs to be able to make calls and SMS. All those other features like GPS, WAP, radio or whatever are just there to push the price of the phone up. It is just an evil ploy by the phone makers to earn more.

If I were to buy a smiliar phone like this, I would rather go for the Sony Ericsson's w800i instead. It looks much better and comes with more capacity.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I can watch R(A) liao...

Two days late. Actually I wanted to start my bloggy on my birthday. But I was too tired and furthermore, I forgotten my Blogger password. ¬_¬

Few weeks ago after lessons had ended and walking to the bus stop...

"Aye, when's your birthday? coming soon? "

Well, I haven't celebrated mine since I hit 18, my family doesn't do it for me and I dun care
anyway. It's just another day for me. Just that I have to add one to my age again. The other guys in the class did celebrate it for me last year. We went out to eat. That's all lor. Nothing fancy.

"Ohhh...that how are you going to celebrate this year?" Not really celebrate like a party. Hmmm...I had already thought about asking you guys out and go play board games at Settlers lor. The one which some of you laughed and said I must be bo liao and childish to go waste $ like this. After that, probably dinner and movies.

"That one that that TV recommended is it? Yeah, I sure want to go!"

So fast forward now I am sitting opposite the excited one who I had this conversation with on the table while the others looked immersed with the game, I was just kinda lost as I joined them midway while at the other table, my friends were quietly hoping that someone would make the Jenga structure drop.

I guess everyone of them enjoyed themselves but I really did not want to play familiar games like Scrabble, Game of Life etc etc on my next visit with them though. I mean what the bloody
hell? Came all the way here to play games that I had already played at home many times before already?

7+ ~ A hawker centre in Holland V

The others are tucking in whereas I am staring at my friend devouring the chicken wing as if he was a dog. Oh wait, he is one after all! :)

"Aiyah, don't see liao, eat lah! It's your birthday after all!"

Dun have appetite leh! You guys eat lor

"Try to eat a little lah.
You so thin liao. Anyway, got extra bowl of rice right in front of you mah. "

The way I see you eat I no mood liao. Aiyah u all just eat, I pay a little if you guys don't have enough.

So for 1/2 hour I sat there and watched the hungry ghosts finished up their dinner.

8+ ~ Arcade, Plaza Sing...

Was watching my friend stacking up the combo hits when I was interrupted by a tap on my shoulder

"Eh, take this ok? We bought one."

What is this?

"Cake lor!" From us to you lah!"

Didn't I told you all in my SMS that I dun want any presents or cake meh? Wah piang, waste $ on me for what?

"Aiyah never mind. just two small pieces only. If you dun like it, dun throw it away lah."

Then I take it go feed my pet at home can or not? No lah! Just kidding. I give my sis then. I hate eating cakes.

"Ok lah. Anything. Happy Birthday to you."

I thanked them as the two of them went outside to escape from the ear-bursting noises while I carried on watching.

The movie was alright. I would rate it 3/5. But most of them were swearing and cursing as they thought that we would been better off watching a silly talking car or an American football match played in prison. I don't agree with them.

10+ ~ Still in Orchard...

Most of them took the train home while I was accompanied by one of my better friend in class to the bus stop.

"You really siao one is it? Cross the road like that. Want to die ah?"

Like that tomorrow we play badminton then fair what! Two half handicapped persons mah! Not like last time. only me limping around and still I managed to whoop you. You damn xiasuey lah!

"This time different liao. Last time you played me I was tired."

Excuses lah. Just admit defeat lor! With my fans supporting me again, this time it would be a piece of cake. Just like THIS! *Points to my bag*

I opened up the Breadtalk packaging and saw two small slices of fruit cake.

"Who buy for you one? Wah piang why one got love shape? haha"

Damn it I knew it all along. XF admired me for long time liao. Took the chance now and declared her love for me. Sneaky bastard!

Both of us laughed and minutes later, I was still staring at the cake. ALONE.

I got up the bus and thought about a lot of things. My future, family and a lot of other stuffs. I realized that my life have been one sad mediocre bullshit. I mean well, I spent way too much time in secondary school, never was brilliant in one thing (maybe except History), just alright in everything, couldn't get a bloody Class 3 license, single all my life and now stuck in something which I have not an ounce of interest in. Good god, I really need to get out of this "Average Joe" cycle soon.

When you grow older, you really tend to get a little serious and think a lot about how life would be years down the road. For someone with an age like me, I should had finished my damn conscription and perhaps continue to study or work. But no, it's still only final year for me. I only have myself to blame for this plight.

Sometimes I really do feel ashamed but when I look at the over-age friend of mine in class, I realized that things ain't THAT bad after all. I normally do not bitch about things but all these have been bothering me a lot and I needed to let it out before I go bonkers. But really, given a chance, I wish I was 16 again. Ignorant, innocent and not a care in the world.

Nearly Midnight ~ Home...

Mum informed me that my sis also got me a cake. Arrgh, not another one? When I opened the fridge to put the other one in, I saw a big slice of this...

Banana + Chocolate? Boy, that's a weird combination.

I messaged my sis and thanked her. She told me that it was a best seller from Secret Recipe and what I finished in a few bites costed $5+. That is bloody expensive but it was delicious alright.

As for the other one, it's still lying in my fridge untouched as when I offered if to my sisters yesterday, they giggled and did not want it as they thought it was from my gf. ¬_¬ Well, maybe they would be right if I had the balls to be more passive. It's not that I did not try but whenever there's a chance, something/someone is there to hinder me. Oh well, that's a story for another day.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The journey starts here...

So well, after messing around with the template, it's time to get this shit started. It doesn't look any nice and all, but hey, I'll try to learn as I go.

Well, I read a lot of blogs everyday as you can see on the right. I'm a kaypoh haha. Anyway this ain't my first blog. In fact, I had one after I had loads of time after redoing my Os. But I did not do much with it. This time, it would be much different as there are better technologies, more life experiences and stories to tell, and a much wiser older me.

Why blog? Not for fame or attention but...

- I love to write though my English might not be Queen's standard nor do I use a lot of bombastic words.

- Perhaps this would serve as an outlet for someone who keeps a lot of things inside to let it all(Err...I mean some) out.

- One day when I grow old, I'll look back and see how I was back then.

- To inform my friends and whoever cares about me about what's going on in my life.

I hope you enjoy my musings. Link me if ya find me interesting :)

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